The VIII meeting of the Club of Exporters of the Region was held on the site of the Regional Center for Entrepreneurship Support of the Vologda region in Vologda in the beginning of April .

The representatives of export-oriented companies of the region gathered  together to sum up the results of the annual cycle, to ask questions to speakers and international partners and to outline plans for the new year .

Year by the numbers.

8 meetings of the Club with foreign participation were held, 10 VCS-inclusions were held, 50 members were accepted, 50 members, including dignitaries, the Club was visited by more than 200 participants, 5 federal experts acted as lecturers, 40 presentations were made, the target credit product ‘Exporter’ was created, 3 “Exporter” magazines were published, a large-scale educational module “Exporter’s School” REC.

New horizons in export.

Let us remind you that the Vologda Oblast Exporters Club was officially opened on April 4, 2017. At the that time,a tripartite agreement was signed between the founders of the Club: the Director of the ANO “RCPP VO” Tatyana Kritskaya, the Director of ‘Opora Rossii’ Alexei Logantsov.
Tatyana Kritskaya, the Director of the Russian Center for Export Control, congratulated audience on the first annual foreign export site. She noticed that that the export site is in demand in the business and said the following: ‘We specially worked out the agenda of the meeting so that it contains not only an official part to give notice the best exporters and thank them for their work, but also the information usefulness. This includes direct involvements with international partners, representatives of trade missions of countries, dialogue with exporters and presentations of new tools for doing business’.
The co-founder of the project, Yulia Balashova, the director of ‘Biznes na Eksport’ Ltd, defined the projects that have already successfully proved themselves and the main directions in their work for the next year: ‘The priority of the work for the next year is to find new partners and representatives of our Club abroad, who would advise exporters of the Vologda region on the subject of work in such territories as the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. In addition, we will continue to work on the project that works for the development of export-oriented business – ‘Biznes na Eksport’ that is implemented in three leading magazines in the region and on the waves of radio broadcasting.
Alexey Logantsov, the Chairman of ‘Opora Rossii’, in his turn, told about the preferences that exporters can get as members of this public organization. ‘Opora Rossii’ is a public organization of small and medium-sized businesses and it pays attention to export and its development, so I suggest to business to pay attention to these federal support tools and use the opportunities and contacts that I am ready to share as the head of the regional branch.
Yuri Senko, the Deputy Head of the Department of Economic Development of the Vologda Region, presented awards to the participants of the XII St. Petersburg Small and Medium Business Partneriat and congratulated the founders of the Exporters’ Club on the successful year of work demanded by the business. ‘The Club not only serves as a platform for the export-oriented business acquaintance and experience exchange. In fact, it is a multipurpose platform, where all issues of foreign economic activity that are traditionally supervised by the Department of Economic Development of the region and the RCPP are registrated. Therefore, we will discuss and support all new tools and projects that will appear in the framework of the Club’s work’. – Yuri Vladimirovich summed up the official part of the event.
Germany, Kazakhstan and Belarus are open for Vologda export! After the official part were taken a series of direct engagements with international partners from Germany, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Alexander Zyskunov, representing the interests of the Club in Stuttgart noted that the export activities of the Vologda business on German soil are very active. ‘I am a consultant and a sales manager of certain types of goods and real estate in the region Baden Byurgergenent, – said the speaker. – And if export-oriented companies have any questions about the sale of their products in Germany or need to overcome some barriers, you can safely appeal to me.
The Deputy Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan Konstantin Zlygostev advised exporters to look attentively at forums, exhibitions and summits that held in Kazakhstan with the participation of the first heads of state. Namely at these events, serious cooperation ties are established and new partnership relations are built. ‘In our work, we focus on small and medium-sized businesses. Priority sectors: agro-industrial complex, construction sphere, medicine, promotion of services sector (IT, educational programs, tourism)’. – The speaker noted.
The Deputy Trade Representative of the Republic of Belarus in the Russian Federation Konstantin Artyushin also promised to assistance in the introduction of Vologda products to the market of the Republic of Belarus: ‘We are ready to organize a chain of meetings at decision-making points, invite specific enterprises and introduce you to new partners. Our key task is to bring you to the market comfortably and in the shortest possible time. Therefore, we will be glad to see a delegation of your companies to conclude new export contracts with our side’.

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