Exporters directory

«Ded Moroz», OAO (OJSC)
Sovetsky blv.85, Veliky Ustyug, Vologda Region, 162392
Tel.: (81738) 2-04-32, 2-34-04
E-mail: ded_moroz@vologda.ru
Kind of activity:
Ded Moroz (Father Frost) estate’s tour operator for a major tourist attraction
Exported products:
Description of exporting products: Best travel packages for those who want to visit Ded Moroz’s estate
«Energomash», OOO (LLC)
Govorovsky proyezd 6A, Vologda, Russia, 160011
Tel.: (8172) 78-70-37, (981) 500-10-05
E-mail: ooo_energomash@mail.ru
Kind of activity:
Electrical equipment manufacture
Exported products:
Switchgears and regulating equipment
«Ultracraft», ZAO (CJSC)
Nasedkina St.27, Cherepovets, Vologda Region, 162609
Tel.: (8202) 53-93- 23
E-mail: tech@ultrakraft.ru
Kind of activity:
Development and applying of advanced scientific solutions in the field of nondestructive testing and automation
Exported products:
Realization of the engineering, manufacturing and introduction of industrial complexes according to the following activities: automated ultrasonic and eddy-current testing systems for ferrous- and non-ferrous metal industry, transport mechanization areas with process automation, software and hardware systems for production walkthrough testing at all technological stages, autonomous automated complex of ultrasonic pipe testing in field conditions and on working pipelines, etc
Managing company «Vozrozhdeniye», OOO (LLC)
Khorkhorinskaya St.4, Vologda, Russia, 160029
Tel.: (8172) 27-23-07
E-mail: vozr35@mail.ru
Kind of activity:
Added-value wood processing equipment, lines for tires recycling, plants for hydraulic drilling, equipment for disposing of waste
Exported products:
Tumble driers, wood concrete production lines, lines for wood chips and dry building chips production, for tires recycling, wood splitting machines and , etc.