Exporters directory

Vologda Production Association «Ecran», OOO (LLC)
Chernyshevskogo St.76, Vologda, Russia
Tel.: (8172) 54-08-83, (8172) 54-25-13
E-mail: ekran-vos@mail.ru
Kind of activity:
Production of a wide range of packaging materials
Exported products:
Manufacture of packaging from corrugated fiberboard and box-board
«Chagoda glass plant & K», OOO (LLC)
Kooperativnaya St.1, Chagoda village, Vologda Region, 162400
Tel.: (81741) 2-52-39, 2-52-35
E-mail: info@chsz.ru
Kind of activity:
Production of glass goods
Exported products:
Brown, green, white and olive-colored glass production using foreign equipment
«Format» Trade house, OOO (LLC)
Bednyakova St.3, Sokol, Vologda Region, 162130
Tel.: (81733) 3-25-77
E-mail: vologda@td-format.com
Kind of activity:
Сontainer board manufacture
Exported products:
Ridged production, fibreboards, box-board, paper products
«North glass-container company’’, OOO (LLC)
Smerdomsky village, Chagoda distr., Vologda Region, 162414
Tel.: (81741) 46-361
E-mail: priem@nglass.ru
Kind of activity:
3Т-1 glass container manufacture
Exported products:
Production of glassware for sparkling and fruit wines, exclusive glassware
«Promplast», OOO (LLC)
Kirillov hwy 52, Cherepovets distr., Vologda Region
Tel.: (8202) 29-74-58, 29-61-79
E-mail: prom_plast@mail.ru, promplast35@mail.ru
Kind of activity:
Manufacture of polyethylene products
Exported products:
Polyethylene bags, disposable plastic tableware, advertising package
«Liga Pak», OOO (LLC)
Gagarina St.86B, Vologda, Russia
Tel.: (8172) 511-311, 53-32-35,
50-11-60, 8-800-250-32-35
E-mail: liga-pac@yandex.ru
Kind of activity:
Production of packaging materials, consumable materials and household goods supply
Exported products:
Production of packaging materials, office supplies, household cleaning products, etc.
«Greif Vologda», OOO (LLC)
Mayakovskogo St.38, Vologda, Russia, 160004
Tel.: (8172) 26-40-13 (ext. 3027)
E-mail: Vologda.office@greif.com
Kind of activity:
Industrial packaging products and services. We produce steel, plastic, fibre, flexible and corrugated containers, packaging accessories and containerboard, and provide blending, filling and packaging services for a wide range of industries
Exported products:
Complete line of fibre, steel, plastic and intermediate bulk containers, closures, packaging accessories and plastic water bottles
«Goldenflex», ZAO (CJSC)
Stroindustrii St. 21, Cherepovets, Vologda Region
Tel.: (8202) 59-66-86, 59-61-41, 59-66-87
E-mail: gf.kom@chp.ru
Kind of activity:
Production of packaging materials
Exported products:
Multiply film, metalized wrap, cold-seal packaging materials
«Sokolstrom», OAO (OJSC)
Shatenevo St.47A, Sokol, Vologda Region, 162100
Tel.: (81733) 3-51-37, 3-54-22
E-mail: sokolstrom@mail.ru
Kind of activity:
: Ceramic bricks production. Great variety of ecofriendly materials used for residential and public buildings construction
Exported products:
Bricks, roof tile and construction products from burnt clay
«Building designs and road machines factory», AO (JSC)
6th Army nab. 201, Vologda, Russia, 160029
Tel.: (8172) 26-53-90,
факс: (8172) 26-53-98
E-mail: zakaz@dormash.com
Kind of activity:
The largest manufacturing of the block-container and rapid construction of affordable housing in Russia
Exported products:
Block-containers,block-containers of the “Kontur” construction system, mobile block-containers, thin-walled steel structures, light steel frame constructions, perforated profile
«Prestizh», OO (LLC)
Turundaevsky alley 16A, Vologda, Russia, 160012
Tel.: (951) 741-70-71, (8172) 21-20-11
E-mail: sparm_vl@mail.ru www.sparm35.ru
Kind of activity:
Fiberglass fittings production
Exported products:
Composite fiberglass fittings of various diameters
«United house building company», OOO (LLC)
Shosseynaya St.7, Sheksna village, Vologda Region,
162562 Tel.: (81751) 2-45-78
E-mail: leshatar@mail.ru, odcompany@mail.ru
Kind of activity:
Wooden houses production: from designing to fabricated parts production for the “turnkey” housing
Exported products:
: Design and production of glued laminated timber houses, kiln-dried solid wood houses, rafter and roof systems of any level of complexity